96 St. Patrick Street

In the middle of the block of St. Patrick between Dundas and Queen, the condominium known as 9T6 was built between October 2005 and its occupancy in mid-2008. 

The construction photographs below were taken with a Sony Mavica camera, one of the earliest consumer digital cameras, with .3 megapixel 640×480 images recorded on a 3.5″ removable floppy disk in DOS FAT12 format, and a 10x optical zoom.

The 17-storey 9T6 condominium, with 222 units, was built on a site that was a parking lot with the back half raised via a ramp above the front half – the remains of an old multi-level parking garage that had been mostly levelled. 

The site, surrounded on three sides by the Village by the Grange complex (Tridel had tried unsuccessfully to buy the site when Village by the Grange was being planned), had had several previous owners, and had been used for parking since around 1975. In 2003 the then-owners, the Canadian Pacific Pension Fund, planned to build a condo on the site and received permission from City Council to do this. The undeveloped site was subsequently sold to developers Camrost-Feldcorp who retained a new architect, redesigned the building and proceeded to construct it.

Following what is politely called “protracted negotiations” (about shoring arrangements, separations between the structures, foundation access and security) between the developer and the adjacent Village by the Grange structures that shared lot lines with the 9T6 building, the new development proceded.

Levelling the site and removing the remains of the concrete parking structure, October – November 2005  [01-16]

Excavation, December 2005 – February 2006 [17-26]

Shoring, February 2006  [27-29]

Excavation continues, 2006 [30-52]

Concrete pad for the tower crane, July 2006 [53]

Bringing in the tower crane, July 2006 [55-57b]

The structure under construction, 2006 – 2007 [59-78]