GCA Advocacy

The GCA strives to maintain the liveability and appearance of our neighbourhood while ensuring that a diversity of activity is welcomed.  To that end, we work as members of planning and development committees with our colleagues in other neighbourhood associations and city departments.  We maintain cordial relationships with architects, developers, analysts and planning lawyers.  We often intervene formally on issues affecting specific addresses at decision-making bodies such as Toronto’s Committee of Adjustment and LPAT.

Planning and development in the Grange is complex.  It is situated in the core of Canada’s largest city, and has many sites and features attractive to residents, businesses and tourists. It is a residential neighbourhood, a business centre, a hospital district, a tourist destination and an educational and artistic centre. The challenges for balanced development are multifold.

To see examples of the GCA advocacy efforts, click on the purple dots in the map below for a brief overview of each project.

Map of Interventions