The Grange Past & Present

Historic Photos of the Grange

Photographs from the City of Toronto Archives. Anderson Street (as it was then) is Dundas Street now.  William Street (as it was then) is St. Patrick Street now

Grange Perimeter Streets

AROUND THE EDGES OF THE GRANGE The Grange community is a Neighbourhood with a commercial/residential or Mixed Use area around the edges. These are terms defined in Toronto’s Official Plan, enforced by zoning by-laws that allow certain kinds of buildings and uses in certain places, and forbid others.  A Neighbourhood according to the Official Plan consists of residences and may include apartment/condo buildings of no … Continue reading “Grange Perimeter Streets”

University Avenue Landmarks

University Avenue University Avenue defines the eastern edge of the Grange community. It is an eight-lane boulevard, landscaped along its centre, that runs from the Ontario Parliament buildings in Queen’s Park south nearly to the waterfront. University Avenue began life in 1829 as College Avenue, a private road leading to King’s College which was the ancestor … Continue reading “University Avenue Landmarks”

Spadina Heritage

A ride on the northbound Spadina streetcar is a tour through history.  Pull the cord as you approach College Street and, if you listen carefully, you can hear the conductor cry out “whoa” as he tugs on the reins of the horse pulling the carriage.   The year is around 1890, and as you step off … Continue reading “Spadina Heritage”

The Murals of McCaul Street

In the block of Toronto’s McCaul Street between Stephanie Street and Grange Road there are two splendid murals. They are painted on the south-facing brick wall of 52 McCaul (previously home to Suzanne Greenaway’s Prime Gallery, and now home to the OCADU student gallery) and on the south-facing brick wall of the Brinks Building (latterly the Toronto … Continue reading “The Murals of McCaul Street”

Baldwin Village

Baldwin Village is on Baldwin Street, from McCaul Street to Beverley Street. Baldwin Village hosts Pedestrian Sundays in the summer in association with the Kensington Market neighbourhood. History Baldwin Street was laid out and named after William Warren Baldwin, who owned much of the area, in the early nineteenth century. William Warren Baldwin (April 25, 1775 – January 8, 1844) … Continue reading “Baldwin Village”